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Autumn in a Lake District Hotel anyone?

by admin on November 1, 2011

With the seasons changing right now in the UK, many holiday makers are making their way to the Lake District for a late season break in this picturesque part of the UK. With thousands choosing to book one of the many Lake District hotels in the area, however choosing a hotel can be a time consuming process so simply head on over to one of the many hotels in the Lakes such as the Ellerthwaite Lodge on Lake Windermere and grab yourself a bargain Autumn break in this amazing part of the UK now.  

Are you looking forward to having a great time with your family this autumn? If so, don’t look beyond the Lake District in the UK because it’s here you’re going to derive the greatest pleasures that will keep you and your family enthralled with an unending list of excitement on offer. With 12 of the largest lakes and a picturesque landscape making Lake District a towering holiday destination in the entire country, it’s hard to think of another place to treat your family in the most impressive fashion. If the Sprayway family walks are going to provide unprecedented adventure on foot to elders and kids alike, then lakes like Ullswater and Bassenthwaite are likely to leave you spellbound with incredible mountain and waterfall views.

The biggest advantage that tourists get to find here is that there is an excellent public transport service in place to take care of your travel needs to arguably the most popular holiday location in England. Whenever you venture out with your family to enjoy a holiday weekend, the accommodation that you get is vital because that will go a long way to influence the outcome of your trip. It’s quite essential to ensure that you get an ideal lodging facility as a low-quality hotel can seriously affect your stay. But at Lake District Cumbria you can really afford to keep such worries aside as you’ll find fabulous lodging arrangements everywhere in the area suiting your varying needs to perfection.

For those who’re keen to cut short on their staying expenses without compromising on the comfort that they receive, the 14-bedroom Country House Hotel or the Hall Hotel with 11 rooms can be a choice for you, but alas Ellerthwaite Lodge would be a nicer pace to stay. However, if you’re someone who is not going to give up on your luxury lifestyle then The Spa with 59 rooms and The Fall Hotel with as many as 70 bedrooms can meet your specific requirements in a convincing manner. The 57-room Hotel and Spa right in the heart of the Lake District is a key place to go and have a coffee but the Windermere Hotel Ellerthwaite Lodge located on the banks of Lake Windermere is amongst others that will make your stay the most memorable one in your entire lifetime.

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