Why Benidorm is Such a Popular Tourist Destination

by admin on November 12, 2009

benidorm01Benidorm may have been put in the spotlight thanks to the recent ITV comedy series, but the destination has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Every year tourists are going on Cheap holidays to Benidorm attracted by Benidorm’s Spanish feel but with some of the comforts of back home.

The holiday resort of Benidorm resides in the Alicante providence of Spain and borders the western Mediterranean Sea. Before the 1960’s, Benidorm was a quiet fishing village but has now been transformed into a bustling tourist destination. The destination’s popularity first started back when the concept of package holidays was created and the UK fell in love with them.

So what draws in the tourists every year? Well it has a great Mediterranean climate which almost guarantees good weather and not much rain. There are plenty of golden sandy beaches and the area is generally geared up for tourists.

Although the city of Benidorm is fairly built up with buildings and hotels that provide plenty of accommodation for all the visitors, there is some stunning natural scenery behind the resort thanks to the mountain range of Puig Campana. As well as this the city of Benidorm has plenty of space and green land within it that differentiates it from other Spanish cities.

The city is divided into two, known as Levante and Poniente with each section having its own beach. The two beaches are divided by a rocky promontory which is home to the old part of the city. An uninhabited island off the shore provides a dramatic centre piece for anyone who is visiting the beach, looking out to sea.

The majority of tourists that come on Budget Holidays to Benidorm are from northern Europe and especially the UK. The resort is popular with young and old alike, the Terra Mitica theme park owned by Paramount draws in families, exciting nightlife attracts the younger crowd and events such as free cabaret acts are popular with older visitors.

The holiday resort of Benidorm may not have the historical significance that some other Spanish destinations have, but will continue to thrive thanks to it being so tourist friendly and providing exactly what its visitors want.

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